mbed FRDM KL25Z – Новый Cortex M0+ c On-Line компилятором от MBED.ORG

SONY DSC kl25z-pinout-revised


  • Freescale KL25Z MCU
    • High performance ARM® Cortex™-M0+ Core
    • 48MHz, 16KB RAM, 128KB FLASH
    • 2xSPI, 2xI2C, 3xUART, 6xPWM, 6xADC, Touch Sensor, GPIO
  • FRDM-KL25Z Onboard peripherals
    • MMA8451Q – 3-axis accelerometer
    • PWM Controlled RGB LED
    • Capacitive touch sensor
  • Evalution Form factor
    • 81mm x 53mm
    • 5V USB or 4.5-9V supply
    • Built-in USB drag ‘n’ drop FLASH programmer
  • mbed.org Developer Website
    • Lightweight Online Compiler
    • High level C/C++ SDK
    • Cookbook of published libraries and projects